"...one of those bands that show you exactly why pigeonholes don’t work. They are pop but much cleverer that the usual production line stuff ... and they are also indie, but without the fashion rulebook adherence. They write perfect pop songs using Day-Glo musical hues and utterly infectious choruses. Sophisticated pop... The Disappointment Choir are on a mission to put the ultimate musical juxtaposition of throwaway pop and unforgettable tunes back on the menu. And that is anything but a disappointment."
A&R Factory

The Disappointment Choir are an indie pop duo from just west of London, UK. We are Katy (vocals, guitar) and Rob (vocals, synths, guitars). We've been playing together since 2011, when we met as contributors to the old Word magazine blog.

Our first song together was A Pretty Good Christmas - the amazing reaction to which showed us that we had something pretty special going on. That was followed in 2013 by our debut album, Polar Ships. Entirely self-produced, we recorded it on the hoof in whatever studio space we could scrounge. We're incredibly proud of it. That was followed by lots of shows in and around London, then - in 2015 - by the To The Lake EP.

Our second full-length album, Vows, is released in 2017.